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Remembering Cardinal Lavigerie's campaign against slavery in Africa.


We are challenged to reflect in our own time and mission, how we stand beside our Cardinal to fight against modern-day slavery.

Let us pray to the Lord

our lady queen of Africa

Father of love and justice.

(125th Anniversary Prayer 1888-2013).

Father of love and justice your servant Cardinal Lavigerie launched his humanitarian campaign against slavery in Africa. The Lavigerie family thank you for the fruits of this evangelical mission. However, it is not yet finished! Today you call on us to confront the new forms of slavery which, like a giant wound, disfigure humanity and perpetuate the passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Father, give us your Holy Spirit. May he obtain for us strength and courage for this anti-slavery campaign that we continue in the steps of our Founder Cardinal Lavigerie.

And you, Our Lady of Africa, Mother of the Afflicted we ask you to be close to our brothers and sisters who suffer and die under these new forms of slavery. Amen.

The Pope's Prayer Intentions for May 2010:

That the shameful and monstrous commerce in human beings, which sadly involves millions of women and children, may be ended.



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