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The East African Province

The East African Province
consists of Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, and Kenya. In the second half of the 19th Century only the coast of Africa was well known to Europeans. Cardinal Lavigerie sent the first Missionaries of Africa towards the interior of the continent via the Sahara in the North. These caravans were wiped out, so he sent more groups via East Africa. These were the Missionaries who went through what is now Tanzania to what is now Uganda and Burundi-Rwanda and eventually Congo. The Missionaries of Africa came late to Kenya and Sudan. There are at present 63 confreres originating from this Province

The Missionaries of Africa confreres in Kenya all work in Nairobi.
1 community: (the Provincial House)
1 community: (Formation house – Theology)
1 community: (Parish Ministry)
1 community: (Parish Ministry, Justice and Peace, Vocations, Media)


There is only one Missionary of Africa parish in Sudan.
It is in Khartoum, the capital. It is hoped that 1 confrere will begin work in South Sudan soon in a joint effort with other missionary congregations


There are Missionaries of Africa working in 7 of the dioceses of Tanzania
1 community in Arusha (Novitiate)
6 communities in Dar-es-Salaam (Admin., Justice and Peace, Parish Ministry)
1 community in Geita (Parish Ministry)
1 community in Kigoma (Parish Ministry, Diocesan Garage)
1 community in Mbeya (Parish Ministry, Youth Centre)
3 communities in Mwanza (Parish Ministry, Visitors)
1 confrere in Tabora (Institute for the Deaf


There are Missionaries of Africa working in 6 of the dioceses of Uganda:
1 confrere in Hoima, (chaplain in Kyatiri)
1 community in Jinja (house of Formation – Philisophy)
6 communities in Kampala (Seminary, Admin, Vocations, Spiritual Animation, Martyrs of Uganda National Shrine, Parish Ministry)
1 community in Mbarara (Chaplaincies)
1 community in Moroto (Parish Ministry)
1 community in Soroti (Parish Ministry

The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers). England and Wales Reg charity No. 233302
The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers) Charity registered in Scotland No. SC037981