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The North African Province

North African Province (Maghreb)

The North African Province consists of 2 countries, Algeria and Tunisia. The Provincial resides in Algiers. In the past there have been individual Missionaries of Africa in Libya and Morocco but no longer.


In Algeria there are confreres working in 2 dioceses.
In Algiers there are 3 communities and a confrere working alone.
2 communities are in Algiers and one in Tizi-Ouzou.
In all 3 communities the confreres have their own apostolates. One community is responsible for the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa.
In Laghouat, There are 2 parishes Ghardaia (where the bishop resides) and Ouargla. All confreres have their own apostolate.


There are individual confreres in Houmt es Souk and La Marsa.
There is a parish community in Sfax.
There is a community in IBLA (Insitut des Belles Lettres Arabes) in Tunis.
There is a final community in Morjania.

The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers). England and Wales Reg charity No. 233302
The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers) Charity registered in Scotland No. SC037981