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The Province of Europe

The Province of Europe


There are 12 communities in Belgium.
There are 2 communities in Antwerp. Most confreres there are retired although some have ministries.
There are 4 communities in Brussels. Confreres there are engaged in Provincial and Delegation admin., some confreres are engaged in specialist ministries and some are retired.
The houses in Genk, Liege, Munsterbilzen, and Namur are mainly for retired confreres, as are the 2 houses in Varsenare.
There are 126 Belgian confreres in Europe and 36 elsewhere.


There are 12 communities in France.
The 2 houses in Billere, the one in Bry-sur-Marne and the two in Lyon are mainly for retired confreres and those looking after them.
The community in Mours is mainly for elderly but active confreres.
The Marseille community looks after a parish and reaches out to migrants.
The 2 houses in Paris are concerned with various ministries as well as admin., within the Delegation.
Tassy, Toulouse and Verrieres are very small communities and the confreres undertake various ministries.
There are 155 French confreres in Europe and 48 elsewhere.


There are 7 communities in Germany (including 2 in Trier) and one retired confrere living in Luxemburg.
The community in Berlin looks after the AfrikaCentre and other ministry.
The community in Haigerloch is primarily for retired confreres.
The confreres in Horstel have ministries or are retired.
The community in Cologne looks after admin., and some confreres have pastoral ministry.
The confreres in Munich also do ministry or are retired.
The 2 houses in Trier are also mainly for retired confreres
There are 96 German confreres in Europe and 28 elsewhere.


There is only one community in Ireland, in Dublin.
The community consists of the Delegate and confreres responsible for admin., and promotion . There are also retired confreres and sometimes confreres doing further studies.
There are13 Irish confreres in Ireland and 10 elsewhere.


There are 2 communities in Italy.
  Most of the confreres in    Castelfranco are retired.
In Treviglio about half of the confreres are retired. The Delegate lives there together with confreres concerned with Mission Animation, and Media.
The Generalate in Rome does not come under Italy but rather is separate and has 2 further area dependent upon it (India and the Philippines)


In the Netherlands there are 2 houses.
Dongen where the Delegate Superior lives and Heythuysen, which is a retirement home.
There are 53 Dutch confreres in the Netherlands and 28 elsewhere.


There is one community in Poland. It is situated in Lublin. The confreres are concerned with admin., and Mission Animation. It is also a house of formation for Polish candidates who live in community whilst attending classes in Philosophy at Lublin University.
There are 4 Polish confreres in Poland and 12 elsewhere


There are 7 communities of confreres in Spain.
The houses in Baranain, Benicassim and Viana are mainly for retired confreres.
Of the 2 houses in Madrid one (Africanum) is devoted to ministry and media, whilst the other is home to the Delegate, to retired confreres and some who are still in active ministry.
The house in Roquetas de Mar is dedicated to working with migrants.
The remaining community in Seville is engaged in various ministries.
There are 49 Spanish confrere in Europe and 24 elsewhere.


There are 2 communities in Switzerland.
In Fribourg are to be found the confreres for admin., Justice and Peace, and the Delegate .
In Veyras most of the confreres are retired.
There are 25 Swiss confreres in Europe and 2 elsewhere.


There are 4 communities in UK.
One in London is concerned mainly with Appeals , Media and ministry. The other house has the admin., team for the Delegation, some retired confreres and some confreres do ministry. There are also sometimes confreres staying there doing further studies.
The house in Sutton Coldfield, for many years the centre for appeals, vocations and media is now being phased out.
The remaining house in Scotland, near Glasgow is a centre for Appeals in Scotland and ministry.
There are 32 British confreres in UK and  17 elsewhere.

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