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The province of Ghana, Nigeria

The Province of Ghana-Nigeria

consists of these 2 English-speaking countries of West Africa.There are at present 39 confreres originating from this province.
At the turn of the 19th Century the French Government was becoming more and more anti-clerical. Missionaries of Africa in French West Africa (now Burkina Faso) were afraid that they would be expelled from French territory. At this time, across the border in what is now Ghana (British territory then) the local administrator was a Catholic who invited some Missionaries of Africa to found Missions in the Northern Territory (now Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions of Ghana). They began their mission there in 1905 with great success. Many years later the confreres in Nigeria and those in Ghana were linked together to become the Province of Ghana-Nigeria. There are at present 38 Missionaries of Africa originating from Ghana-Nigeria Province.


There are Missionary of Africa confreres working in 5 dioceses in Ghana.
1 community in Konongo-Mampong (Formation House – Philosophy)
1 community in Kumasi (Spiritual Animation)
2 communities in Navrongo-Bolgatanga (Parish Ministry)
4 communities in Tamale (Provincial, Admin., Parish Ministry, Vocations, Dialogue)
1 community in Wa (Parish Ministry)
1 confrere in Wa (Bishop of Wa)
1 confrere in Yendi (bishop’s secretary)


There are confreres working in 2 dioceses in Nigeria.
2 communities in Ibadan (Formation House - pre-Philosophy, Parish Ministry)
1 community in Oshogbo (Parish Ministry)

The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers). England and Wales Reg charity No. 233302
The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers) Charity registered in Scotland No. SC037981