Our work in Algeria

The White Fathers were founded in 1868 by Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, who was the then Archbishop of Algiers. The Society has been in Algeria since 1873 and the country was the starting-point of much of its work and from where it has spread to twenty-three African countries.

Local facts

Capital: Algiers
Population: 35 million
Poverty index: n.a.
Life expectancy: 74.5 years
Access to clean water: 83%
Adult literacy: 69.9%
GDP per head: $7,300 (2010 est.)
HIV/AIDS rates: 0.1% (2009 est.)
Infant mortality: 25.81/1,000 live births
Religions: Sunni Muslim 99%,
Christian and Jewish 1%

Taken from CIA website, except the poverty index, taken from the UNDP.

All correct Nov 2011

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