Ivory coast

There are confreres working in 3 dioceses in Ivory Coast

1 community in Abidjan (Formation House – Theology)
1 community in Korhogo (Parish Ministry)
1 confrere in Yamoussoukro (retired)

Local facts

Capital: Yamoussoukro
Population: 23,740,424
Life expectancy: 61.48 years
Access to clean water:
urban: 93.1% of population
rural: 68.8% of population
total: 81.9% of population
urban: 6.9% of population
rural: 31.2% of population
total: 18.1% of population (2015 est.)
Adult literacy: 43.1%
Infant mortality: 57.2 deaths/1,000 live births
Religions: Muslim 40.2%, Catholic 19.4%, Evangelical 19.3%, Methodist 2.5%, other Christian 4.5%, animist or no religion 12.8%, other religion/unspecified 1.4% (2011-12 est.)

Taken from CIA website,
Updated July 2016

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