Our work in Niger

In Niger, one in six children die before their fifth birthday, and the country’s child mortality rate is the 11th highest in the world. 66% of the country’s population live below the poverty line.
May 2012 update: Niger is now facing a potentially deadly food crisis brought on by crop shortages, rising food prices and insecurity in neighbouring countries.

Local facts

Capital: Niamey
Population: 16 million
Poverty index: 0.642%
Life expectancy: 53.4 years
Access to clean water: 48%
Adult literacy: 28.7%
GDP per head: $700 (2010 est.)
HIV/AIDS rates: 0.8% (2009 est.)
Infant mortality: 112.22/1,000 live births
Religions: Muslim 80%, Other 20%

Taken from CIA website, except the poverty index, taken from the UNDP.
All correct Nov 2011

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