There are confreres working in 2 dioceses in Rwanda

In Butare there is one community concerned with Catechesis, Mission Animation and Pastoral work In Kigali there are 2 communities. One is concerned with Admin and the other with Parish work. It is also the residence of the Delegate Superior. There are 9 confreres originating from Rwanda.

Local facts

Capital: Kigali
Population: 12,988,423
Life expectancy: 61.7 years
Access to clean water: 
urban: 86.6% of population
rural: 71.9% of population
total: 76.1% of population
urban: 13.4% of population
rural: 28.1% of population
total: 23.9% of population (2015 est.)
Adult literacy: 70.5%
Infant mortality: 290 deaths/100,000 live births
Religions: Roman Catholic 49.5%, Protestant 39.4% (includes Adventist 12.2% and other Protestant 27.2%), other Christian 4.5%, Muslim 1.8%, animist 0.1%, other 0.6%, none 3.6% (2001), unspecified 0.5% (2002 est.)

Taken from CIA website,
Updated July 2016

The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers). England & Wales Reg charity No. 233302
The Society of Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers) Charity registered in Scotland No. SC037981